Myrio Therapeutics (Myrio Tx) is driving a new frontier of antibody-based therapies as the company’s Retained DisplayTM (ReD) antibody platform offers identification of highly specific human antibodies that bind to peptide-MHC complexes.

Ahead of publication of key papers (including Nature in press) in the coming months, Dr Pete Smith, CEO, presents new insights at the prestigious CAR-TCR Summit this week.

“Monoclonal antibody technology has been evolving for 45 years but the target landscape has not changed. For the first time, our patented technology has not only shown unparalleled ability to isolate rare binders against challenging targets but to break MHC restrictions so that antibodies can be targeted based on their expression of almost any protein. This approach offers a potentially dramatic increase in targets and could transform antibody-based therapies for a myriad of diseases, in particular, cancer.”

The research offers a compelling opportunity for partnership as we look to move from the discovery stage. With input from industry, we can leave cancer with no place left to hide.” said Dr Smith.

The presentation at the CAR-TCR Summit will focus on the Myrio Tx’s:

  • development and validation of the ReD platform to identify clinically-relevant pMHC targets;
  • identification of antibodies which target novel intracellular targets (via pMHC) for solid tumor kill;
  • early data for novel targets and demonstrating high potency and specificity in preclinical studies.


The utility of Myrio Tx’s ReD platform is vast and may be applicable for a wide range of diseases. The company is building a body of supporting data from quality collaborators including University of Pennsylvania (neoantigen CAR-T), CHOP (neuroblastoma CAR-T) and National Institutes of Health (HERV CAR-T).


Myrio Tx’s pipeline includes antibodies targeting melanoma, ovarian, prostate and cervical cancers.

The recording of the “Expanding the Target Universe for CAR-T and Accessing Novel, Intracellular Targets” presentation can be found by delegates during the Discovery Track at 5.15PM EDT / 2.15PM PDT on 31 August 2021.

For queries and interest in potential partnership opportunities, don’t hesitate to contact the Myrio Tx team directly.